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Procedure for Live IT Forum Program Management


Procedure for Live IT Forum Program Management

Part 1: prior to event
1. Decide on speakers for part 1 and part2, date and venue.
2. Confirm with the speakers and their topics of presentation.
3. Mention charges for part 1 speaker as Rs500 for Hall and Rs500 for projector, and to arrange Tea/Biscuits. Speaker may arrange for his own projector, if he wishes to. Speaker must arrange for a laptop on his own.
4. Send email (template available), preferably at beginning of weekend, or 4-5 days before event, to list of 102 emails.
5. Add event to LinkedIn ITAK page.
6. Call the list of members and non-members (43 + 33) at least 2 days before event.
7. Book the hall (ref Mr. Hirgude) and projector (ref Mr. Lohar), on phone.

Part 2: On the day of event
1. Send reminder SMS at Morning, 10am on day of event.
2. Check and confirm booking for hall and Projector for event.
3. Call the speakers and confirm the time and if any special requirements (Mike, whiteboard etc.) other than projector.
4. Mention tentative attendance expected count for Tea and Biscuits.
5. Arrange for a register/ paper & pen to take attendance, a camera/phone to take photographs, ITAK banner to put up and flowers for the presenters and new members.

Part 3: At the time of event
1. At start, briefly introduce the speakers and pass it over to first speaker.
2. Pass attendance sheet for all to sign.
3. 5 minutes before break (7pm), check if tea has been arranged.
4. Photograph the activity around and the speakers when presenting.
5. At end of every presentation, felicitate the speaker.
6. Collect Attendance and banner.

Part 4: After the event
1. Check attendance sheet for new entries.
2. Update phone list and/or email list maintained with secretary.
3. Collect photos from team, and presentations from the speakers. Edit or convert to read-only version.
4. Upload photographs, presentations to website (with help of Girish Baraskar, web support).
5. Email notice of the happenings with link to website page for Live IT Forum program.

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