Kolhapur Connection is an initiative taken by ITAK to appeal those with Kolhapur connection and settled outside Kolhapur for development of the IT industry in Kolhapur. Its prime objective is Development of the IT Industry Kolhapur, by way of Training, Knowledge transfer, Services, Outsourcing, Maintenance Projects, Software Development Projects. It focuses on showcasing the capabilities of the community to the offshore and PAN India market, and in a way pulls in business opportunities for them. On the other hand, it promotes to create innovative products on international level. Kolhapur Connection also provides an opportunity to the people/ organizations working outside Kolhapur in IT industry, who have desire, to do something for the Kolhapur IT industry.

One of the first initiatives of ITAK, since way back in 2010, was to design a Kolhapur District IT policy. This policy would be one that would support and encourage the upcoming IT industry of Kolhapur district. The ITAK team received good support from the Collector, DIC and Municipal Commissioner, to define and then implement the policy.

We as IT, continuously need to be updated with the latest technology and its trends. And to take care of just that, we have started a series of programs on every first Thursday of the month. The program follows a structure such as: Part one is to be a presentation by an IT firm, on the company as whole or any of their products. After Networking tea, Part two is a discussion on technical activities,. The forum is open to all IT community of Kolhapur and serves two purposes; One is to get to know each other’s expertise and domain area. Second is to encourage knowledge sharing, which is the best way to keep learning.

To Increase IT awareness among organization, company, industry etc. ITAK has permanent programs like The ITAK IT Awards. ITAK shall be holding first ITAK IT AWARDS in September 2013, recognizing the effective use of IT in various business segments, achieving advantages in most areas of their business. Nominations shall be requested from all sectors of Industry, education, banking etc., and awards will be distributed at a gala function presided by top personalities of the Kolhapur fraternity.

To get our space in the city (ITAK IT park) and unitedly, negotiate for feasible rates for land, electricity, broadband etc. from the respective government bodies/authorities. Collective bargaining is main object of every association of professionals. We desire to achieve benefits of all the members through collective bargaining with all the Government bodies and authorities. A common training center, video conferencing room, digital library, development unit onrent etc. are some of the highlights of the ITAK IT Park.