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Welcome to IT Association Kolhapur

  • Increase IT awareness among Every business segments/organisations/companies/industries with permanent programs like IT Awards.
  • Provide guidance to the upcoming generation on technology/career through programs like Refine Talent.
  • Create platform for budding IT firms to demonstrate innovative products on international level through platform Like Kolhapur Connect. etc
  • Get our space in the city (mini-IT park) and unitedly, negotiate for feasible rates for land, electricity, broadband etc. from the respective govt bodies.

Programs of IT Association of Kolhapur

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Procedure for Live IT Forum Program Management

Part 1: prior to event 1. Decide on speakers for part 1 and part2, date and venue. 2. Confirm with the speakers and their topics of presentation. 3. Mention charges for part 1 speaker as Rs500 for Hall and Rs500 for projector, and to arrange Tea/Biscuits. Speaker may arrange for his own projector, if...

Kolhapur: The emerging hotspot on IT highway

Kolhapur: The emerging hotspot on IT highway Samrat Phadnis, TNN | Oct 6, 2013, 01.10 AM IST KOLHAPUR: The city, known for fuelling fortunes from the region’s lush sugarcane fields, is set to get a new identity. The civic administration is currently drafting a proposal to allot five acres of land for developing an...


“तू जर घरी येऊन झोपाच काढणार असशील तर उद्यापासून सरळ सिटी बस किंवा सायकल वापर. तुझा अभ्यासाचा वेळ वाचावा म्हणून तुला टू व्हीलर घेऊन दिली. वाचलेला वेळा झोपेत वाया जाणार असेल तर फुकट पेट्रोल खर्च तरी नको.” बारावीच्या महत्वाच्या वर्षात अभ्यासाने, एकंदरीत टेन्शनने काही सुधरायचे बंद झाल्यामुळे म्हणा अथवा धावपळीचा थकवा वाढत असल्याने म्हणा,...